French national team coach Didier Deschamps spoke at a press conference about the upcoming quarter-final match against Portugal on Friday evening in the European Championship.

Deschamps mentioned having several options to replace Adrien Rabiot, who will miss the match due to suspension, but said it wasn't the right time to discuss specifics. He humorously asked if anyone had information on Portugal's lineup.

He noted that the team is in good shape with a four-day gap between matches, allowing the staff to focus on recovery. They won't do much physical work the day before the match, and while some players are in better condition than others, they have performed well in every match except the third one against Poland, which was particularly tough.

Deschamps emphasized their strong defense, crucial in such tournaments, and their improved control over matches compared to before and better than their opponents. He acknowledged their difficulty in being effective in front of the goal, which has been sufficient so far, but the competition level is rising.

He praised Cristiano Ronaldo's winning ability, decisiveness, and goal-scoring talent, noting that Ronaldo remains a formidable competitor despite his age.

Deschamps stated he doesn't make substitutions just for the sake of it, and he hasn't seen signs of fatigue in his players.

He pointed out the high level of these matches, with both teams having players who can make a difference. Portugal, like France, is one of the best teams in Europe, and he expects a great match. Historically, their results have been close, and at this stage of the competition, one-sided games are rare, anticipating a fantastic quarter-final.

Deschamps remarked that both Portugal and France are among the favorites to win the title, aiming to go all the way. Only the best teams remain at this stage.

He concluded by acknowledging Portugal's quality and the challenges they've faced, similar to France. He expects a great match against a very good team. 

Deschamps: Ronaldo is a Great Competitor, and We Have a Big Match Ahead