Ancelotti's insights into Rodrygo's status for the derby

Real Madrid's coach, Carlo Ancelotti, made a captivating appearance in a press conference after the triumphant 2-0 victory against Getafe in the Spanish League.

Ancelotti expressed his satisfaction, stating, "We played a beautiful game, and we're delighted. If we win the next two matches, we'll secure an additional 6 points, but the season is still long."

Addressing the challenging nature of the match, Ancelotti remarked, "Getafe is a strong team in duels and aerial play. It wasn't an easy game at all, but we are in good shape. The team is motivated, and we handled this match very well."

Regarding Rodrygo's injury, he mentioned, "Rodrygo could play against Atletico Madrid, but I don't know yet. We'll see in the coming days, but I think it will be very difficult for him to miss the match; he's a warrior."

He praised the performances of Vinicius, Bale, Valverde, and Modric, saying, "Vinicius, Bale, Valverde, Modric - I loved their style of play and their communication. They delivered a very good performance today."

Speaking about potential defensive adjustments, Ancelotti stated, "If Chust and Rodrygo are absent from the Madrid derby, another defender will play in the heart of the defense. It might be a player not accustomed to this position, but he will surely do well."

He concluded by explaining the substitution of Vinicius, saying, "I replaced Vinicius because the game was about to end. In the second half, we changed the playing system to have more control over the match. Vinicius didn't want to leave the field (laughs)."

Ancelotti's insights into Rodrygo's status for the derby and the season's outlook add an extra layer of anticipation and intrigue for Real Madrid fans. The coach's blend of strategic analysis and lighthearted moments adds spice to the post-match reflections.