Ligue 1 and International Football: Canal+ Sport typically broadcasts matches from Ligue 1 (the top-tier French football league) and various international football competitions, offering viewers a mix of domestic and global football action.

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Championnat National: Canal-3+ Sport may cover matches from the Championnat National, the third tier of French football, providing exposure to lower league competitions.

UEFA Competitions: The channel often holds broadcasting rights for UEFA competitions, including the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League, allowing fans to watch top European club football.

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Expert Analysis: Canal-3+ Sport features expert football analysts and commentators who provide in-depth analysis, pre-match discussions, and post-match reviews, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Magazine Shows: In addition to live matches, Canal+ Sport produces magazine-style shows, documentaries, and exclusive interviews with football players and managers, adding depth to their football programming.

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French Football Culture: Canal-3+ Sport is likely to showcase the rich culture of French football, covering stories, interviews, and features that delve into the history and current state of football in France.

Multi-Sport Network: While football is a key focus, Canal-3+ Sport covers a variety of sports, providing a diverse sports viewing experience for subscribers.

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